Laura Stukel

Consultant, Elevate Energy


Laura is an efficiency insider, serving in multiple industry roles to create stronger links where efficiency overlaps real estate. She is a third-generation Realto® with L.W. Reedy Real Estate in Elmhurst, Illinois.


Laura’s work within the Realtor® family ranges from serving on Mainstreet Organization of Realtors® board of directors to writing the Green MLS technical implementation guide to receiving NAR’s first-ever Ever Green Industry Advocate Award. She is also a real estate consultant to Elevate Energy in Chicago where she manages activities for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Information Accelerator within the Better Buildings initiative.


She resides in the home built in 1967 where a marital spat over the air conditioning setting inspired her current career. Her latest hobby is to test the limits of her family’s Nest learning thermometer.

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